3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck

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3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck

“Hongyu” Brand Pure Electric side loader garbage truck use with Dongfeng electric truck chassis....

3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck
  • 3-4 CBM Pure Electric Compressor Garbage Truck

Product parameter,

                                         pure electric side loader garbage truck

3b福彩杀码                                          3.5 cbm  hook loader garbage truck 

Whole Vehicle

Supplier Brand

Hongyu Brand



Overall dimension

5150*1750*2250 mm


2,850 mm

      g.v.w/curb weight (kg)

3b福彩杀码                 3,495/2,950 kg

          endurance mile

          230-260 km (full loading,40km/h)

3b福彩杀码          battery material

Ternary Lithium battery

Battery capacity



90 km/h

Motor rated/peak power

40/80 KW

Motor rated / peak torque (N.m)


Charge type

Fast or slow charge

Waste Box Capacity

3-4 CBM

Loading cycle time (s)


Waste discharge time (s)



Different Type battery,motor,garbage bin.

China's new energy automobile industry continue to develop steadily?

3b福彩杀码since china vigorously promoted the application of new energy vehicles in 2009, china's new energy vehicle industry has shown a rapid development trend. it has not only become an important part of the new driving force of domestic economic growth, but also to a large extent led the global automobile industry's electric transformation process.

according to relevant statistics, in the past decade, the central and local governments have provided subsidies of 200-300 billion yuan for new energy vehicles. a large number of subsidies not only stimulate the rapid development of new energy automobile industry, but also cause extensive development of the industry. since 2017, china has been reducing subsidies for new energy vehicles year by year, while improving vehicle technical standards.

pure electric vehicle with battery power,

the propulsion system of electric vehicle driven by battery is mainly composed of battery and driving system, and the core system is driving system, which is mainly composed of driving motor, mechanical transmission device, power converter and controller. at present, lead-acid battery, lithium-ion battery and nimh battery are mainly used as vehicle energy sources for pure electric vehicles. due to the disadvantages of traditional batteries, such as low specific power, not instantaneous large current charge and discharge, the improvement of power performance of electric vehicles is greatly limited. at present, all kinds of high-energy batteries are under development, including nickel, silver, lithium and air series, such as nickel zinc battery, nickel hydrogen battery, silver zinc battery, zinc air battery, etc. compared with traditional batteries, these batteries have the advantages of high specific energy, long driving distance and fast charging, but they still have the disadvantages of short life and high price.

pure electric vehicle Advantage,

3b福彩杀码electric vehicle refers to the vehicle which is driven by the vehicle power supply and driven by the motor to drive the wheels, meeting the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. it uses electricity stored in the battery to start.

3b福彩杀码no pollution, low noise,

the exhaust gas produced by the electric vehicle without internal combustion engine when it works does not produce exhaust pollution, which is very beneficial to environmental protection and air cleaning, almost "zero pollution". as we all know, co, hc, nox, particulates, odor and other pollutants in the exhaust gas of internal combustion engine vehicles form acid rain, acid mist and photochemical smoke. there is no noise produced by internal combustion engine in electric vehicle, and the noise of motor is smaller than that of internal combustion engine. noise is also harmful to human hearing, nerves, cardiovascular system, digestion, endocrine system and immune system.


3b福彩杀码q1.what is your company?

we are a manufacture of special vehicle,has own factory and production line.

q2. are you original manufacturer?

a.yes, we’re a leading automobile enterprises in china, one of the biggest manufacturer for commercial vehicles and electric vehicles.

3b福彩杀码q3.what is the moq?

the moq is1 set .

q4.how to do better after-sale service?

3b福彩杀码a1.we provide free operation training,including video,online support and other service per customers’ requirement.

a2.hongyu factory has professional five-star after-sales team to solves all kinds of questions for customers, and provides timely and professional answers to customers' questions. the team including professional technical persons and merchandiser who can keep touch well with our customers.

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