7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck

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7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck

Dongfeng brand 7-8cbm garbage/waste truck, Hongyu factory adopts china famous brand Dongfeng chassis, adopts DF 7-8cbm type 2030 single row cab, wheelbase: 3800mm, 156 HP chaoyang brand engine, 4.2t rear axle, 7.50R16 steel wire tire, air brake, ABS, 6-speed gearbox....

7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck
  • 7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck
  • 7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck
  • 7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck
  • 7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck
  • 7-8 CBM Dongfeng Side Loader Garbage Compactor Truck

3b福彩杀码product parameter,

7-8 cbm side loader garbage compactor truck  

3b福彩杀码8275kg side loader compactor garbage collection truck

whole vehicle


3b福彩杀码supplier brand

hongyu brand



chassis brand

3b福彩杀码dongfeng brand

drive type

4x2,left or right side

overall dimension

6470*2450*2700 mm


3b福彩杀码3800  mm

3b福彩杀码g.v.w/curb weight



3b福彩杀码100 km/h


fuel type


engine brand(optional)

3b福彩杀码chaoyang 156hp

emission standard (optional)

3b福彩杀码euro iii,iv, v

approach/departure angle


brake system


tyre number

6 tyres

tyre specification



loading type

3b福彩杀码side loader garbage compactor

waste box capacity

7-8 cbm

on-board accessories: 1 set of on-board tools, several kinds of sealing rings and gaskets, vehicle instructions, maintenance manual


protective material: q235a carbon steel, connection mode: left and right side and rear lower protection are all welded, rear lower protection section size (mm): 100 × 50, rear lower protection height from the ground (mm): 385


Product description,

3b福彩杀码dongfeng brand 7-8cbm garbage/waste truck,

3b福彩杀码hongyu factory adopts china famous brand dongfeng chassis, adopts df 7-8cbm type 2030 single row cab, wheelbase: 3800mm, 156 hp chaoyang brand engine, 4.2t rear axle, 7.50r16 steel wire tire, air brake, abs, 6-speed gearbox. volume: 7-8 square meters, the car body is made of national standard carbon steel, the side plate is 4mm, the bottom plate is 4mm, the famous domestic brand oil cylinder, high-density high-pressure oil pipe, multi-way valve and oil pump are selected, the hydraulic push plate in the box compresses the garbage and the garbage unloading, the right side is equipped with a pull rod type lifting bucket hanging device, and the rear tailgate is hydraulically sealed and locked.compression density: above 9.5, loading speed: less than or equal to 50 seconds, discharge speed less than or equal to 30 seconds.


Highlights and advantages of Dongfeng side loading and hanging bin compression garbage truck,

1. flat box, beautiful appearance, larger capacity.

2. pull rod elevator, stable speed, no bucket knocking.

3. the feeding port is provided with a sealing cover plate to prevent waste overflow and odor emission.

4. a sink is arranged under the rear tailgate to prevent waste water from being squeezed to the ground.

3b福彩杀码5. a sewage collection box is arranged at the bottom of the box to prevent secondary pollution.

3b福彩杀码6. the front end of the box (corresponding to the production pushing position) is provided with an open sewage port, which can clean up the garbage after pushing.

3b福彩杀码7. the multi way valve position is provided with a discharge alarm.

3b福彩杀码8. electric control operation box is set inside the cab and outside the box, which is convenient for operation.

3b福彩杀码9. double column reinforced rear tailgate, combined with push production, compresses the garbage, with larger compression seal, twice the compression amount of common side loading, and larger loading amount.


The Maintenance of side loading and hanging bin compression garbage truck,

1.during the running-in stage, the new truck runs within 1500-2500 km and unloads within 900 times of lifting box (pusher) ,the loading quantity shall be 70% of the rated load quality, and not to trampled the engine throttle with manganese during unloading.

2.after the cylinder working 300 times , all working oil should be replaced. turn on the oil release plug of the hydraulic tank and add new oil from the top oil hole, then started the engine, and try to operate the each cylinder twice to confirm its reliability.

3.high-pressure tubing is replaced regularly every two years. when cracks, damages and shoulder swelling are found in the course of use,it should be replaced in time.

Company Profile,

hubei hongyu vehicle group is a large-scale industrial manufacturer of all kinds of special vehicles designated by the ministry of industry and information technology. it is a national high-tech enterprise integrating r&d, manufacturing, sales and service of special vehicles and a designated supplier of special police vehicles in china.

our products mainly involve 6 series: garbage truck, water truck, road cleaning truck, guardrail cleaning truck, sewage suction truck, etc. sanitation truck series; wrecker and rescue series; refrigerated truck, medical ambulance, communication command and so on vans; catering, camping and other support trucks series; advertising truck, fire propaganda truck, stage display truck series; all kinds of special vehicle accessories.



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