Amy Camper Truck

Nov 26, 2019
ISUZU camper  5-12714112016f9ac5931a7024dc62aded

3b福彩杀码army camper truck 

the isuzu emergency camping truck is refitted from class ii chassis of isuzu. a guide hood is installed on the top of the van box, and stainless steel climbing ladders are designed on both sides of the front wall of the cab body to facilitate personnel to climb the roof for inspection and observation. red and blue strobe lights and arc guardrails on the top are harmoniously integrated to make the outline and lines of the vehicle more beautiful, round and dynamic. the color of the car is red, and the design is made according to the user's requirements.

3b福彩杀码 the box of isuzu mobile emergency camper truck is made with thermal insulation, waterproof and fireproof material. the floor is insulated and moisture proof rubber floor. the whole carriage wall is packed with soft decoration.optional single expansion and two sides expansion cabins. precision guide rail transmission, one key open and close can be carried out . the operation is simple and reliable. water and electricity security system, camping equipment and so on facilities are complete.

The water supply system is composed of high level purification water tank, intelligent booster pump for water flow control, sewage storage box, valve of intake and drainage pipeline and other accessories. It can fully meet the needs of living water, and the design of water supply and drainage system is scientific, reasonable, reliable, environmentally friendly and hygienic.   


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