9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck

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9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck

9-10 cbm electric water truck 18 T electric water truck...

9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck
  • 9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck
  • 9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck
  • 9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck
  • 9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck
  • 9-10 Cbm Electric Water Truck

Product parameter,

9-10 cbm electric water truck  

3b福彩杀码18 t electric water truc

whole vehicle


supplier brand




chassis brand

dongfeng brand

drive type

4*2,left or right side

3b福彩杀码overall dimension

8995*2500*2970 mm


4500  mm

g.v.w/kerb weight

18000/9080 kg


3b福彩杀码90 km/h


power type

electric power

3b福彩杀码battery material

3b福彩杀码lithium iron phosphate

battery capacity

218.5 kwh, 572v

endurance mileage

280-320 km(full loading,40km/h)

3b福彩杀码motor rated/peak power


3b福彩杀码motor rated/peak porque(n.m)


charge type

fast or slow charge

3b福彩杀码approach/departure angel


front/rear suspension

1260/2735 mm

3b福彩杀码front and rear tread

3b福彩杀码1880/1860 mm

tyre specification

10.00r20 18pr


3b福彩杀码water tank dimension

4500*2140*1380 mm

water tank capacity

9-10 m³

on-board accessories: 1 set of on-board tools, several kinds of sealing rings and gaskets, vehicle instructions, maintenance manual

Classification and use of water truck(sprinkler),

sprinkler car is also called sprinkler car, multi-function water truck, garden greening water vehicle, water tank truck, water transport truck. the water truck is suitable for all kinds of road surface washing, trees, green belts, lawn greening, road, factory and mining enterprise construction, high-altitude building washing. it has the functions of watering, dust suppression, high and low level spraying, pesticide spraying, guardrail washing, etc.

Water truck Working principle,

before the operation of the sprinkler pump, the liquid storage in the pump must be higher than the pump shaft, so the pump inlet must be connected with an upward curved elbow, then a horizontal pipe and a quick connector, and the center line of the quick connector must be 300 mm higher than the center line of the pump shaft; the inlet pipeline system must ensure that there is no air leakage; the suction head of the suction pipe must be immersed in the water to avoid air suction pipe; the outlet pipe and the pump out the straight pipe length shall be no less than 200 mm before connecting the elbow.

the sprinkler pump adopts the external mixed self-priming structure, and there should be a proper amount of liquid in the pump. after the pump is started, the impeller rotates and a negative pressure is formed at the impeller inlet. the gas in the suction pipeline is mixed with the liquid in the pump and enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the press out chamber. due to the difference in the specific gravity of gas and liquid, the gas is separated from the liquid and discharged from the outlet pipe. the liquid sinks in the gas-liquid separation chamber and circulates for many times until the gas in the suction pipe is completely discharged and filled with liquid. the self-priming process is completed, and the pump starts normal infusion.

3b福彩杀码the sprinkler pump has the functions of water absorption and pressure drainage. the self-priming pump can directly draw the water from the pond into the tank, or directly connect the water from the fire hydrant on the city street, and then draw the water into the tank for watering.

About Hubei Hongyu Special Automobile Co., Ltd.,

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User Operation Guide,

1.vacuum is necessary for water inlet pipe,

when absorbing water, the water inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum in order to draw water into the tank. the water inlet pipe system must be sealed and reliable, the hose shall not be damaged, and the hard pipe shall not have cracks, otherwise air leakage will occur, which will also cause the situation that water cannot be absorbed.

2.park in gear,

3b福彩杀码no matter before watering or before watering, the power take-off device must be put into gear when the vehicle stops.

3.drainage in winter,

before winter comes, the water in the water pump and water pipe should be emptied to prevent frost cracking. in northern china, construction will not be carried out in severe winter, so the water in the water pump and water pipe will be drained immediately after construction to prevent future troubles.

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